Welcome to Indian Geotechnical Society Bangalore Chapter

IGS Bangalore Chapter is the premier organization for geotechnical engineers in Karnataka region of India and is dedicated to advancing knowledge and creating opportunities for the sharing of information by academicians and practitioners in a broad range of geotechnical disciplines with the view of contributing to the achievement of excellence in geotechnical engineering for the benefit of society. The Indian Geotechnical Society Bangalore chapter was established in 1964. It is affiliated to Indian Geotechnical Society (IGS), which is in turn affiliated to International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE). Members of this Chapter are a perfect blend of academicians, researchers, practicing engineers and students, who are very active in soil mechanics and foundation engineering, earthquake geotechnical engineering, geoenvironmental engineering, geosynthetic engineering, rock mechanics and offshore geotechnical engineering. IGS Bangalore Chapter will accomplish its aim by regular technical meetings, workshops, conferences, seminars and site visits to make a concerted effort to educate the Indian Public, particularly Karnataka State, about the significance and importance of Geotechnical Engineering and by arranging to render unbiased advice on problems of Geotechnical Engineering