Prof. T. S. Nagaraj (1936-2009)


Professor T.S. Nagaraj was born in Mysore District on 3rd November1936, son of Dr T.N.Seetharamiah and Smt Sarojamma. He received the degree of Bachelor of Engineering from Mysore University in 1959, Master of Engineering from Indian Institute of Science in 1960 and the Ph D degree from Indian Institute of Science in 1967. He was awarded the D.Sc degree of Indian Institute of Science for his contribution in research in the year 1992. Prof Nagaraj joined the Indian Institute of Science as a Research Scholar in 1961. He continued at IISc in various positions and elevated to full Professor in 1984 and Chairman of the Civil Engineering Department in 1987. He formally retired from IISc in 1997. He was Adjunct Professor at University of Massachusetts , Amherst, USA for four years. Prof. Nagaraj has made significant contributions in the development of basic framework for analysis and assessment of soil behavior and proportioning concrete mixes. The approaches developed are innovative, ingenious and simple to use in engineering practice. These are timely when fast track development of infrastructure development is inevitable. Prof Nagaraj has supervised 17 Ph D programs. He has authored and co-authored about 300 technical papers of which 160 are in refereed journals and three books. Prof Nagaraj served as Visiting Professor in number of foreign universities. He has delivered lectures in more than 25 universities and R&D establishments in various parts of the world. Prof Nagaraj has been awarded number of AWARDS including IGS–Kuckelman Award -1991, CBIP -Pt Jawaharlal Nehru Birth Centenary Research Award -1992. He has been the Indian Geotechnical Society Annual Lecturer -1993. He was an Elected Fellow of Indian National Academy of Engineering, Fellow of Institution of Engineers, India, Honorary Fellow and Elected Member of Executive committee of Indian Geotechnical Society, New Delhi.