Prof. B. K. Ramaiah Memorial Lectures



Prof. B. K. Ramaiah was the founder chairman of the local chapter of soil mechanics and foundation engineering, which later became Karnataka Geotechnical Centre and now renamed to IGS Bangalore Chapter. Prof. B. K. Ramaiah did his Ph.D. in soil mechanics and foundation engineering from Purdue University in the year 1959. He also served as the president of IGS during 1975-77. To commemorate his services to the Chapter, B. K. Ramaiah memorial lecture has been instituted after his demise in the year 1993 and is being held annually ever since.


The following academicians/practitioners have delivered the prestigious Prof. B. K. Ramaiah Memorial Lecture since 1993.




Number Year Speaker Title
I 1993 Prof A Siva Reddy Stability problems in Geotechnical Engineering
II 1994 Sri H V Eswariah Geotechnical problems in power projects
III 1995 Prof T S Nagaraj Compaction characteristics of soils – Interpretation and Applications
IV 1996 Sri B M Rame Gowda Rock Mechanics and Dam Engineering
V 1997 Prof A Sridharan Fly Ash – Characterization and utilization
VI 1998 Sri K C Reddy Recent advances in Geotechnical Engineering- some practical applications
VII 1999 Prof K S Subba Rao Black Cotton Soils of India – Geotechnical Challenges
VIII 2000 Sri L V Sreeranga Raju Legal aspects in Geotechnical Engineering
IX 2001 Prof B R Srinivasa Murthy A Subway construction – problems
X 2002 Dr N V Nayak Innovative developments in Geotechnical Engineering by Indian engineers and need for improvement in Codal provisions on piling
XI 2003 Prof H R Sreekantiah Laterites and lateritic soils of coastal Karnataka – Engineering problems and solutions
XII 2004 Sri P R Mallikarjuna Hydroelectric Projects of KPCL – Geotechnical problems and solutions
XIII 2005 Prof M R Pranesh Marine Deposits – Marine Structures Interaction
XIV 2006 Dr V V S Rao Professional Practice in Geotechnical Engineering – Indian Experience
XV 2007 Prof T G Sitharam Microzonation of earthquake hazard : Indian Experiences
XVI 2008 Dr K L Pujar Earth Retaining Systems for Deep Excavations
XVII 2009 Prof V S Chandrasekaran Geotechnical Centrifuge Modeling Experience
XVIII 2010 Sri P N Venkatesh Rehabilitation and remedial measures for various civil structures in Sharavathy Valley project
XIX 2011 Prof P V Sivapullaiah Soil Beyond Mechanics
XX 2012 Sri M S Sudarshan Rehabilitation Engineering – An Emerging Field
XXI 2013 Prof. M. Sudhakar Rao Environmental Controls in Engineering Behaviour of Geo-materials
XXII 2014 Dr. C. R. Parthasarathy Geotechnical Challenges for Offshore Foundations
XXIII 2015 Prof. G. L. Sivakumar Babu Role of Strength and Deformation Response of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) in landfill design
XXIV 2016 Prof. H. N. Ramesh Enhancing the strength of fine grained soils through industrial wastes
XXV 2017 Prof. K. Prakash Role of Equilibrium Sediment Volume Tests in Geotechnical Engineering Practice
XXVI 2018 Dr. Suri Surendra Applications of ground improvement techniques for geotechnical design and construction of waterfront structures
XXVII 2019 Prof. S. K. Prasad “Seismic Performance of Foundations”
XXVIII 2020 Dr PSR Narasimha Raju Geotechnical Practices in Hard Ground Conditions
XXIX 2021 Prof Shivashankar Studies on Lateritic Soils
XXX 2022 Dr Bindumadhava Aery Role of Geotechnical Engineering – Highway Design and Construction